Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you update your prices?

Every 10 minutes. We are always on top of the the market and adjusting prices accordingly.

Your website says you own x of a card, but your bot doesn't have it. Why?

Most likely this is simply because that card was sold between the time the inventory was updated on our website and when you looked at it. It happens, but typically our inventory on the website is very accurate.

I completed a trade with one of your bots but I didn't receive tickets? How do I get my tickets?

A bot cannot add items to the trade for you, you must select the tickets from the "Other Products" tab during the trade yourself. After the bot quotes you for the cards it has selected, it will tell you how many tickets you can take.

I'm new to MTGO, how do I buy or sell cards?

1. Make sure you have an active trade binder (on the collection tab) with any cards you want to sell inside it. Or, if you are wanting to purchase cards, make sure you have enough Event Tickets in your active trade binder. These are used to make purchases on MTGO.

2. Navigate to the trade tab at the top of the MTGO client. Enter "mtgoempire" in the search bar. Double click on one of our bots to start a trade. Pick a seller if you want to buy some cards.

3. Make sure to read the chat panel during trade, the bot will guide you through the process. If you are trying to buy cards, make sure you don't have unwanted filters enabled. If you are trying to sell cards, type "sell" and wait 10-15 seconds for the bot to select your cards and make you an offer.

4. If you are selling cards to the bot, once the bot makes you an offer, you can take the specified number of event tickets from the "Other Products" tab. This is your payment, they are the universal currency of MTGO. If you are buying cards, click submit and the bot will take the specified number of tickets (make sure you have them active in your trade binder before starting the trade or the bot won't be able to take them.)

5. Any remaining credit will be stored on all of our bots so you can always come back and spend your leftover credits.